Top 5 Hotels in Corsica

These are some of top 5 hotels in Corsica that are rated by the travelers, whatever I have never visited Corsica, but in the future visit it. The prices are too high for a night at these hotels, please check the rates before booking, and this probably be beneficial for those who journey on limited price range.

1. Hotel A Piattatella
Photos of Hotel A Piattatella, Monticello
This photo of Hotel A Piattatella is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The hotel is not meant for clean food or rooms, but you love the way it was decorated with many things. The marbles of this hotel also cleaned and well maintained by the staff. You’ll discover some exciting factors that anyone appreciate for a day or times in this resort. The most exciting things is swimming pool, fitness room, sparkling, Turkish bath, vibration chair, jacuzzi and sun lawn. The hotel is also covered with olive trees around the area.

2.  Hotel Chez Charles
Photos of Hotel Chez Charles, Lumio
This photo of Hotel Chez Charles is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Hotel is just simply and few of them rated good and bad therefore I suggest to you check the rooms before booking in this hotel. Some people had experienced like using washrooms which are designed very well. There is also pool with hot water during winter and rainy seasons. The best part of hotel is restaurant which was at downstairs.

3.  Hotel San Giovanni

Photos of Hotel San Giovanni, Porto-Vecchio
This photo of Hotel San Giovanni is courtesy of TripAdvisor
The hotel is just far away from Porto-Vecchio with a drive of 5 minutes. The hotel has some good things, internet connection, with large LCD TV bedroom, water facilities and clean bathroom. The staff is too good with brilliant services provides to the guests those who stay at this hotel. The hotel is surrounded by a park with green and clean. Balcony view gives brilliantly as a scenario in the lawn of hills.

4.  La Dimora

Photos of La Dimora, Oletta
This photo of La Dimora is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The hotel is best for cooking foods from this top 5 hotels. The hotel provide breakfast or food anything for expense compared with the other resorts offer for free. The place is small evaluate to other hotels, but lovely built and decorated with different rooms individual artworks.

Some visitors had rated this hotel, poor without a shower in the bathroom and poor quality food and care from the staff.

5.  Demeure Loredana

Photos of Demeure Loredana, Saint Florent
This photo of Demeure Loredana is courtesy of TripAdvisor

This is my last hotel for rating in this article, as it is small hotel of around 20 rooms within 3 floors. The bedrooms decorated with ancient cupboard and housed with a flat screen TV to watch anything. The bathroom consists of bath tub with double basin and a shower too. The lighting through all over this hotel in bright and good attachments. All of the rooms contains with the balcony and surrounded by the hills. There isn’t bar or dining room, but breakfast and drinks are offered within rooms because of the hotel is small.

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