France is always a big destination for lovers, and honey moon too. France has lots of attractions where people enjoy Holidays. Cruise is the popular transport from France to another location. Traveling in Cruise is good, but if you enjoy the problems of Sea water and coolness, then it is simple because it goes for days when traveling to longer distances.

Some of the Cruise Destinations in France are listed below.

1. Ajaccio

Ajaccio is situated in the west coast island of Corsica, and south east of Marsielle. The harbour lies to the east coast of citadel that protects the Harbour in the south lots of beaches and territories are covered. You will discover more cruises that travel to Italy and other far places.


Ajaccio Cruise
Ajaccio Cruise – Source

Small boats are too available at Ajaccio Island, because of the visitors who loves to boating alone or with couples, families. Ajaccio is the top favorite destination for me Cruise ships.

2. Nice

Nice Cruise
Nice Cruise – Source

Nice is located in the south east of France on the Mediterranean Sea and it is probably the most wonderful destination not only in France, but also in the world. Nice stands for the second largest town in French of Marseille. The town is also called as Nice la belle that means beautiful town. Cruise is the best traveling to the Matisse Museum for all enthusiastic of Artists including Onion Towers of Russian Cathedral.

3. Cruise to Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is located in the Monaco, and a large sea surrounded on the south est part of this country. This Monaco had some exciting things to do, as sports, water sports and the hotel Place du Casino is the best one to visit traveling by Cruise.

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo – Source

Mediterranean Cruise is the one travels to Italian beautiful Portofolio. The price starts from £595 for 14 days with food and room facilities in the cruise. It is largest destination to enjoy when traveling in Cruise.

4. France Cruise to La Rochelle

La Rochelle Cruise
La Rochelle Cruise – Source

La Rochelle is a seaside on the Bay of Biscay and a town of western of France. La Rochelle Cruises starts from a price of £500 for a cabin of each person. These La Rochelle cruises are very beautiful and enjoyable all the time when it is traveling.

5. France Cruises to Toulon

Toulon Cruise
Toulon Cruise – Source

Toulon is located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region, and a largely military Harbour on the Mediterranean sea. Toulon is also the capital of Var department and province of provence. France cruise holiday ticket gives promenade, cafe and shopping boulevards with exclusive excellent shops.

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