Top 10 Places to visit in lyon

These are Top 10 places to visit in Lyon.

1.  Aquarium de Lyon

This is my favorite place to visit in Lyon as it is only the best and exciting place to enjoy fish, sea whales. The aquarium du Lyon is public aquarium located in the La Mulatière district of the city of Lyon. The Aquarium is opened throughout all over the year except on Holidays and timings are from 11.00am to  7.00 PM

Aquarium de Lyon

Aquarium de Lyon – Source

2. Fete des Lumieres Lyon

Fete des Lumieres Lyon

Fete des Lumieres Lyon – Source

Fete des Lumieres Lyon called in English as festival of lights,  every year in the December 8th the festival will starts. This exclusively Lyonnaise custom demands that every house place candle-lights along the outside of all the windows to generate an amazing impact throughout the roads. The festival is biggest in the world and ranks top 3.

3. Institute & Musee Lumiere

The Institut Lumière is French organization based in Lyon for the aspects of film making. This place is a museum where film making honours by louis Lumiere and auguste as they were the inventors of cinematograph.

Institut & Musee Lumiere

Institut & Musee Lumiere – Source

The museum was founded by Bernard Chardère and Maurice Trarieux-Lumière as the museum is located within the monplaisir quarter of Lyon.

4. La Sucrière

La Sucrière is a famous building located in the confluence of quarter of the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon.

La Sucrière

La Sucrière – Source

The building was built in 1930 and later it’s been enlarged in 1960 and finally renowned in 2003. It turned into a place for contemporary arts. In 2008 the exhibition got attracted nearly 4000 visitors per week.

5.  Fourviere

Fourviere is a hill in west of the old part of the town. It is mainly known for the Catholic Basilica of Fourvière. The inauguration of the fantastic sculpture of the Virgin mobile Jane on the north-west structure is the source of the famous


Fourviere – Source

Things to watch at this Fourviere are The Golden Virgin, the metallic tower, Ancient Theatre of Fourviere, chevet of Basilica, The Saint-Just church.

6.    Parc de la Tête d’Or

Parc de la Tête d’Or is an urban park in France. With 117 hectares in France. It features a large lake of boating during the summer. The main entrance of the south east guarded by the wrought iron gate known as the Porte des.

 Parc de la Tête d'Or

Parc de la Tête d’Or – Source

Main attractions inside this park.
Botanical Garden, Green houses, Rose Gardens, zoo and a velodrome.

7.  Vieux Lyon

The Vieux Lyon is largest renaissance and 5th district of Lyon in France and it served a metro line in France.

vieux lyon

vieux lyon – Source

Main attractions of Vieux Lyon
Rue Saint-Jean, Gare Saint-Paul,  Cathedral and the manécanterie, Building in Saint-Paul, Lyon Cathedral, Rue Juiverie, rue du Bœuf, Well in Cour Philibert Delorme

8. Odeon of Lyon

Odeon of Lyon

Odeon of Lyon – Source

The Odeon of Lyon is located near the Fourviere hill in France and it is also small Roman Theatre.  It was considered auditorium or Theatre. by various authors. It has a 3000 seat capacity with 73 meters. It is also used for meeting room for notables in the city.

9. Fontaine Bartholdi

Fontaine Bartholdi

Fontaine Bartholdi – Source

La Fontaine Bartholdi is a fountain built by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi in 1889. The water fall was gradually put at the Position des Terreaux and is still there these days.

10. Musee Miniature et Cinema

Musee Miniature et Cinema

Musee Miniature et Cinema – Source

Musee Miniature is located in the 60 Rue Saint-Jean, 69005 Lyon, France. This is great place to visit along with children for enjoyment. The museum is really exciting to see the optical vision that has been made in techniques. Don’t miss this place when you visit Lyon as it will be more fun for children too.

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