Top 10 Beaches in France

There are certainly more beaches in France too just like in the United Kingdom. Some of the Top ten beaches are as follows and most of these beaches gets a large number of visitors.

1. Trouville Plage

Trouville Plage

Trouville Plage – Source

Trouville la Plage is the top best beach of France and having more facilities at this beach. There are camping tents for resting, store our goods, hotels, restaurants for food and resting at night. The beach at Trouville contains Golden color sandy with clean and neat water. There are some playing things for kids to enjoy at this beach.

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2. Britany Bay Beach

Baie de Lannion

Baie de Lannion – Source

There are some beaches in this Britany area and all of them are good beaches, in France, anyway my top of the best Beach is Baie de Lannion. The beach is very calm and sandy almost area and it looks very clean and neat in the sunset. Baie de Lannion’s seaside is described as Huge Plage de Goas Lagorn. The beach consists of many thing to keep happy everyone, There are even sports like kayaking, windsurfing.

3.  Porto-Pollo

Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo – Source

Porto beach is famous for windsurfing and kayaking. The beach is good for all ages those who love windsurfing as there are some windsurfing schools which conduct training. This beach had several things kite surfing, vela and beach attractions as it is for everyone to play in the sandy beach. One cannot feel bad as anyone will love this place to come back again in order to enjoy their holidays.

4. Etretat, Falaises, Normandy

Etretat Beach

Etretat Beach – Source

Etreat Beach is normally known as pebbled beach at Falaises. This is one of the best beach in Normady, France as its off shores needles are inspired to the painters Boudin.

The beach is very calm and sandy place with natural stone archies, Couples and old people are specially can enjoy at this crowded beach. There are some sailing schools where you can learn about sea sailing ship. The beach covers with shops bars and restaurants, pubs.

5. La Grande Plage

La Grande Plage

La Grande Plage – Source

The beach is suitable for family especially for children and wind surfing. The water is crystal clear with good sand covered. There are shops where you can purchase tents, sleeping chairs, etc. The beach also having shops to get snacks and coffee, food. The beach has become very popular and memorable for every visitor.

6. Beaulieu-sur-Mer


Beaulieu-sur-Mer – Source

This seaside was a little seaport in the record as it is also known as Anoo as Ancient term. The seaside exclusively for Diving, windsurfing for children’s as this seaside was designed like a swimming pool just like jumping into the water from top. The sea is hotter as opposed to other seashoresbeaches, and also exotic superficial, strong.

7.Argelès Plage



The beach is good for family members on their vacation as it is best appropriate for all age groups. This is enclosed by the fantastic sand just like gold with superior crystal clear blue water. It is simply managed by France Government and is very beautiful on site features such as marine and beach club for kids. In summer everyone can take a rest under promenade flanks trees as they were lined up in a row nearby beach.

8. Nude Beach

Nude Beach

Nude Beach – Source

This is one of the naked beach in France where people swim rest without clothes. Here, children’s should not be taken as it is not good for them until they become adults. This Euronat beach is good for swimming and beach cafes. The beach covers with golden sand as it is Côte d’Argent.

9. Les Plages


Six-Fours-Les-Plages – Source

Les Plages is beach is very well known as Six-Fours-Les-Plages and it is located in the southeastern of France. Las Plages includes many wonderful things in near by southwestern area. There is also a Fort which was built in 11th Century A.D. From all of these Les Plages beaches Brutal Beach is the best one, which is famous for windsurfing.

10. L’Ile de Riou

L'Ile de Riou

L’Ile de Riou – Source

L’Ile de Riou, is a small beach and it can be reached by via only boats as there is no road or rail for this beach. Founder Phocea who used the beach 2500 years ago Marseille town. In 2012, it has performed beast beach for swimmers, snorkelers and scuba divers.


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