Nudist Beaches in Atlantic Coast

These are naturist beaches in Atlantic coast and a lot of people come here for having in nude. One must have fun in lifetime to see their nudism in open areas or public.

Vieux St Giron

Vieux St Giron is a similar beach of Montalivet, located in the north of Atlantic coast. The beach is excellent for nude people since they want to be nudist all the day in sun, here at the beach people usually surf by being as nude and they enjoy a lot of fun in the air and water. The winds are strong as everyone need to be in attention while swimming, surfing, playing at the beach since there is no lifeguard facility. Continue reading Nudist Beaches in Atlantic Coast

Beaches in Nice

At Nice all of the beaches are in a sequential row along the Baie Des Anges (bay of Angels) river. Nice is the second most significant French city of Mediterranean coast and also second premier city of Provence Alpes Cote d Azur. The natural beauty area of Nice and its Mediterranean climate made all the beaches into fantastic destination.

The Nice city nickname is Nice La Belle stands for the third busiest airport in France since it is enticed towards most tourists. The climate is clean air, soft light with excellent for breathing since most of the people visit to have healthy life, relaxation at these beaches. The city is covered with more space, hotels in the country. Continue reading Beaches in Nice