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Indoor Cycling Training Mont Ventoux

from Malaucene to Mont Ventoux Cat. HC Tour de France Altitude : This was an indoor cycling where the video was in full HD must give a watch. source

Part 5 of Cycling Tour de France in 2007

This is the 94th Tour De France operating of the competition took place that in 2007 from July 7th to 29. The race started with a fun and ended in Paris.

Part 1 of Tour de France in 2000

. In 2000 Tour de France been a multiple stage bicycle race held from July 1 to July 23 as well as the 87th edition within the Tour de France source  

Crash of Cycling in 2015

UPDATED: Some crashes from the cycling peloton. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any material used in this video. source

Part 4 of Tour de France in 2000

The 2001 Tour de France was a multiple stage bicycle race held from 7 July to 29 July 2001, and the 88th edition of the Tour de France. source

Part 2 of Tour de France in 2000


Cycle Tour From Britain to France

This guy has been cycled from London to Paris in his first stage and then cycled 100 miles to folkestone to use the Ferry. Cycling is one of his best journey and that is greatest in Paris. source

Just 40 Euros per day on Cycling Tour of France

Watch this video and you gonna love it a lot in life and have fun of Cycling. source

Bike Touring in France

We are currently on a bycycle trip around the globe. Beginning in Apr 2017 in France, we plan to cycle east to the Pamir Highway then we will figure out where it goes and so on. source