Montalivet Naked seaside is exclusively designed for nudist people and the place is fully nudist, such as dining places, cafes, resorts. The vacationer season begins from summer and it has wonderful days. The seaside is located in the north of Bordeaux Medoc part of Aquatine.

The beach is too large in kilometers for walking, playing Football in sand as we all love to play and in our France it is special sport for us. The beach is little quiet and very beautiful sand with excellent cool air. People here enjoy a lot by surfing in the beach also naked walking, playing.

Some people like to fishing at the seaside and they invest their time by capturing fresh fish. The time can easily go for hours as we see a lot of people at the seaside doing different things.

Those who are not interested in playing, browsing can gather the stones as it is one of the best method to invest a while. There is also lifeguard with blue flag and indicators that indicate the safe home for diving and browsing.

Montalivet Beach
Montalivet Beach – Source

There is a lot of place for parking at the seaside along the shore. The seaside is relaxed and during low trend which it is safe to diving around lifeguard area.  During high tide times swimming is hectic so take your time to swim also get help from lifeguards, swimmers.
This seaside is for Naturist people and if you don’t like to see Partial naked or full naked people, then this is not for you.

Montalivet beach map

Montalivet Beach Map
Montalivet Beach Map

Montalivet Surf
At Montalivet beach surfing is excellent and their even surf schools for training. The seaside includes with outstanding factors for experiencing all the day. A lot of people get qualified by Surf school here at this seaside from knowledgeable employees, moreover you can’t find such wonderful Naturist beach in the world.

Montalivet Surfing
Montalivet Surfing
Kite surfing at Montalivet Beach
Kite Surfing at Montalivet Beach

Montalivet Weather Vendays

The Average temperature at this beach is 26 degrees centigrade with beautiful sunshine.

Style of Beach : Sandy Beach

Beach Huts : yes

Dogs Allowed : yes

Activities : Football, surfing, fishing, nudity, Kitesurfing

Facilities : portable toilets, Rescue Team

Beach Tide Times :

Awards : None

Water Quality : Good

Beach Cafe : Coffee

Nearest Town :  Bordeaux

Life Guard : yes

Nature and Wildlife :

Public Transport : Buses are available to reach this Beach.

Nearest Railway Station :

Nearest Beaches : Euronat

Nearest Museums :

Nearest Parks :

Nearest Hotels :

Beach Fishing : Allowed fishing

Beach Post code :

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