Maeght Foundation Museum

Maeght foundation museum was founded by Marguerite and Aime Maeght. The museum is located in the South France of Saint-Paul de Vence and far away 26 km from Nice. It was inaugurated in the year of 1964 24th July by André Malraux.

Maeght Foundation

Maeght Foundation Museum – Source

The Foundation includes with numerous collections of 20th century artists. Some of the artists that are included in this list are Georges Braque, Bonnard, Alberto Galcometti, Fernand Leger, Joan Miro and with others. Joseph Lluis Serpt is a Spanish architect guy who designed the building of the museum.

Maeght Foundation Park

Maeght Foundation Park – Source

Isabelle Maeght and her sister Yoyo Maeght also includes in the chairman of administrative council. The foundation has built entirely by themselves without any funds from the government.

Maeght Foundation Statue

Maeght Foundation Statue – Source

Facts about the Maeght foundation museum:

1. The museum is incredibly attracted to the art of era.

2. Over 200,000 visitors visits this museum.

3. The museum gets over 200 000  visitors every year from all over the world.

4. Only some parts of collection display during the temporary exhibition.

5. During permanent exhibition many more collections based on foundation museum from all over the world.

6. A true Museum means the Meaght foundation museum.

Maght Foundation Outstide Garde

Maght Foundation Outstide Garde – Source


lara at Maeght Foudnation

lara at Maeght Foudnation – Source


Calder Stabile

Calder Stabile – Source

Miro Sculpture

Miro Sculpture – Source

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