Any kid have to remember the following question and answer.

What is the name of the largest museum in France?

Answer is Louvre

The World’s largest Museum is Louvre in Paris as a historic monument. Louvre Museum is the world’s second premier most visited museum, but it still stands for the world largest museum on earth. Louvre museum has more than 380,000 objects with a display of 35,000 artworks on a 66 600 sq meters of land with 8 dedicated departments. An average of 15,000 above visitors visits a day to view objects, D Art, Paintings, drawings and Sculptures.

Main Entrance of louvre
Main Entrance of louvre – Source
Louvre from far distance
Louvre from far distance – Source

The Art gallery was started out with 537 artwork during of 1793 Tenth Aug. Most of the whole shebang being elegant seized cathedral residence. Lately the museum was shut from 1796 to 1801 because of the framework of making. The collection of the things improved during the Louis XVIII and it has expanded into big til nowadays from the contributions and the museum entry ticket.

Arts Decoration Museum
Arts Decoration Museum – Source
Naked Womain in Louvre
Naked Womain in Louvre – Source


Naked Woman Sculpture
Naked Woman Sculpture – Source


Cobra At Louvre
Cobra At Louvre – Source


Cats At Louvre
Cats At Louvre – Source

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sculpture-at-louvre – Source

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