Juno Beach is one of the best fines beach in Normandy France that has occupied by Germans in the past.  The seaside spanned from Courseulles, a town just eastern of the English seaside Silver, to Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer,

Style of Beach : Sandy Beach

Beach Huts : yes

Dogs Allowed : yes

Activities : Football, surfing, fishing, nudity, Kitesurfing

Facilities : portable toilets, Rescue Team

Beach Tide Times :

Awards : None

Water Quality : Good

Beach Cafe : Coffee

Nearest Town :  Bordeaux

Life Guard : yes

Nature and Wildlife :

Public Transport : Buses are available to reach this Beach.

Nearest Railway Station :

Nearest Beaches : Euronat Sword Beach

Nearest Museums :

Nearest Parks :

Nearest Hotels :

Beach Fishing : Allowed fishing

Beach Post code :

Juno Beach Map (Frabce)

Juno Beach Museum

Juno Beach Park

Juno Beach Park is a center of worldwar11 that is located in Normandy of France. The centre is located on the Juno beach that is surrounded by Juno Park which was assigned to Canadian Army during WW11. To access this park there is a small fee, but still you can walk for free at this park.

There are a lot of things that you can do here for free such as free parking, warm water,

Juno Beach France

Juno Beach
Juno Beach – Source
Juno Beach
Juno Beach – Source
Juno Beach Clean Water
Juno Beach Clean Water

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