Etreat Plage is a commune in the Haute- Normandie region in the North Western of France. This is situated on the Pays De Caux area.

The place is excellent for scenery photos and the cliffs are very fantastic at the beach. Come with Good shoes for having a long walk as the beach is cool and calm in the evening.

The sight seeing is perfect ans some of te carvings can be found at the beach on white cliffs  There are boats to enjoy for roaming in the sea.

Etreat Plage at Sunset
Etreat Plage at Sunset – Source
Etreat Plage
Etreat Plage – Source


Boat At Etreat Plage
Boat At Etreat Plage – Source


Beach Love
Beach Love – Source
Waling At Etreat Beach
Waling At Etreat Beach – Source
Etreat Beach Water
Etreat Beach Water – Source

Style of Beach :  Sandy Beach

Beach Huts :  no

Dogs Allowed :

Activities : Beach volley ball, Boating

Facilities : portable toilets

Beach Tide Times :

Awards : None

Water Quality :  Good

Beach Cafe : Coffee

Nearest Town : Haute

Life Guard : No

Nature and Wildlife :

Public Transport :  Buses are available to reach this Beach.

Nearest Railway Station :

Nearest Beaches :

Nearest Museums :

Nearest Parks :

Nearest Hotels :

Beach Fishing :

Beach Post code :

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