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Famous Art Museums in Paris

In Paris there are around 130 art museums, out of all these Louvre is the best and famous museum in World. One must visit these famous museums when you were in Paris, hope not to forget them in life. Musee du Louvre The world’s most famous art museum is the Louvre that prevails in Paris,

Largest Museum In France

Any kid have to remember the following question and answer. What is the name of the largest museum in France? Answer is Louvre The World’s largest Museum is Louvre in Paris as a historic monument. Louvre Museum is the world’s second premier most visited museum, but it still stands for the world largest museum on

Some Top 5 videos of Paris

I am just posting here some of the videos that had enough information to view what is inside Paris.   1. Louvre museum

Museums in Barr

Barr was originally located in the Alsace department of north astern France. The mayor was Gilbert Scholly at that time the population was more than 10,000 as of good city. Barr was originally the imperial property of France 1. Musée du Cristal Musee Du Cristal is situated in the Bas-Rhin department of France. The museum

Maeght Foundation Museum

Maeght foundation museum was founded by Marguerite and Aime Maeght. The museum is located in the South France of Saint-Paul de Vence and far away 26 km from Nice. It was inaugurated in the year of 1964 24th July by André Malraux. The Foundation includes with numerous collections of 20th century artists. Some of the

Top 10 Museums in France

Best collection of Museums in France

Top 10 Chateux in Loire Valley

France has a large collection of Chateau’s which are still remaining with excellent sculptures as some of them got ruined because of Old wars, but still French Govt managed to refurbish them. My best collection of castles in Loire valley are listed below. If you have any questions please ask in our comment section. 1.