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Bordeaux Wine In France

Bordeaux is a largest place for growing containers of wine under 120,000 hectares of land in the city of Bordeaux, France. On a daily basis these plants generate over 700 millions bottles of Bordeaux Wine ranging from large quantities of table wine to produce most expensive wines in the world. Ninety Percent of wine is

9 Fascinating Places to Visit in France

These are 9 fascinating places to Visit in France and one must should watch before die. Eiffel Tower is the main attraction for me and all of the readers. 1. Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower was the largest tower in the world during the years of 1889 to 1930 and located in the Champ De 

Top 10 Places to visit in lyon

These are Top 10 places to visit in Lyon. 1.  Aquarium de Lyon This is my favorite place to visit in Lyon as it is only the best and exciting place to enjoy fish, sea whales. The aquarium du Lyon is public aquarium located in the La Mulatière district of the city of Lyon. The

Top 5 places to visit in Lyon

In France Lyon is the major city that has more fascinating places, museums, cathedrals, churches and shopping malls. If you are visiting Lyon, then please checkout our top 5 places to visit in Lyon. 1.Saint-Nizier Church The church is located in the Presquile area of France and  got the name Church of Holy Apostles. The

Top 10 National Parks of France

France is not only famous for museums and chateaux, but also for other things like Parks, beaches and stadiums. Here are top 10 National parks in France that are listed by me. 1. Vanoise National Park This park is also known as Parc national de la Vanoise in French language and it is the first 

Things to do at Asterix Parc

Planning to visit France with kids get excited you and your family the places where you visit. Most of the families visit wrong places with their children and get unhappy for the tour, that’s why visiting such places where children will love to see them and including you. You can discover more places where kids

Top 5 attractions in France 2013

We had been previously described some of the exciting places in France and now I am writing some top 5 attractions in France 2013 that you must visit in next three months that is close to end of the year. These are my top 5 favorite places that visited long back and still remains an

Top 5 Cruises in France

France is always a big destination for lovers, and honey moon too. France has lots of attractions where people enjoy Holidays. Cruise is the popular transport from France to another location. Traveling in Cruise is good, but if you enjoy the problems of Sea water and coolness, then it is simple because it goes for

Top 5 places to visit in north west france

There are more places to enjoy in France and these are my top 5 places to visit in north west of France.  Brittany and Normandy are two popular areas in north west of France. 1. Rouen Rouen is the History of capital city of Normandy, and the capital of Haute-Normandie also the largest city of

Top 10 regions to visit in France

France has more best locations to get drawn for the tourists, on the other hand vacationer’s always want to choose the best locations where we spend the money. These are my top 10 best locations in north west region of France. 1. Brittany Brittany has lots of cool places for travelers, anyone cannot change their