Camping at Corsica

Camping at Corsica is an excellent place to enjoy holidays. Corsica is located in the Mediterranean sea and Island of France with it is a capital city of Ajaccio. Corsica Island is also called as Ile de Beaute. Corsica is situated to the south east of France and east to the west of Italy and also north of Italian Island.

Corsica Island is covered with an area of 8700KM approximately. The island covers more than 250 Campsites where Tourists likes to enjoy and spend their time in the tent. The Island excites with most beautiful campsites around the seashore. The space is covered with oak trees, and car free camping that has a large park.

There are some Good campsites across this area Corsica.

1. Camping at di Mare Corsica

Camping at Di Mare
Camping at Di Mare – Source

Camping Di Mare is an excellent place for camping in Corsica France. The area that is more friendly, green and quiet place. The area is surrounded by green trees where camping is often available under those shades of green trees.

Around this Camping Campo we often find several small sandy beaches that are excellent for swimming and enjoyment. Porto Vecchio is the beautiful bay and picturesque town that is a historic Harbor town of Campo Di Mare’s. Additionally you can find a swimming pool All of the tourists are welcomed to this camping area.

2. Camping Marina d’Erba Rossa

Camping at Marica d’Erba is an excellent place to spend in summer around the swimming pool and the cost of camping starts from the € 300 – € 600. The Site is well maintained with beautiful park area and campsite in Corsica.

The Camping area is surrounded by beautiful palm trees and also animal park of donkeys, ostriches, deers, and Wallibis. The camping has a mini swimming pool, tennis courts, golf course and an animation team too.

The camping area is recommended for everyone including children with minimum age requirements around going to the beach.

3. Perla di Mare Corsica

This is the Camping site of Corsica, Perla Di Mare is located at the edge of la Coste Serena of sandy beach. The camping area is decorated with numerous pine trees and the pool is really beautiful. Around this camping area there exists a restaurant under the trees near the seashore.

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