Bordeaux is a largest place for growing containers of wine under 120,000 hectares of land in the city of Bordeaux, France. On a daily basis these plants generate over 700 millions bottles of Bordeaux Wine ranging from large quantities of table wine to produce most expensive wines in the world.

Ninety Percent of wine is produced in Bordeaux is red also called as Claret in Britain with dry whites, sweet white wines and sparkling wines. There are 54 appellations of Bordeaux wine as it made by more than 8500 producers of Chateaux.

Bordeaux Wine
Bordeaux Wine – Source

Bordeaux wine classification

The Bordeaux wine classification is resulted from the year of 1855 when the emperor Napoleon III requested  best Bordeaux wines for France that are to be displayed for the visitors around from the world. All of the wines were ranked from first to fifth growths. The red wine is more importance than the white wines.

Bordeaux wine grapes

The Grape varieties of French Red Bordeaux are as follows:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon (cab er nay so vee n’yohn)

  • Merlot (mer loh)

  • Cabernet Franc (cab er nay frahn)

  • Petit Verdot (peh tee vair doe)

  • Malbec (mahl bec)

Bordeaux Wine Grapes
Bordeaux Wine Grapes – Source

Bordeaux wine types

Bordeaux wines are in numerous types and some of them are as follows.

1. Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a major grape wine that is grown in the cooler climate regions, specially in the Loire of Bordeaux, France. Cabernet Franc is also a dry red wine, ideally utilized for blending with other materials Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot including for smoothing texture.

Cabernet wine Franc is marketed by more manufacturers as alone varietal vendor racks with significant achievements.

2. Merlot

Merlot is one of the largest growth in Bordeaux for wines and the name comes from the blackbirds  just as simple refereed to the grapes color. Merlot is a popular grape for blending with Cabernet Souvignon, sterner, later-ripening that tends to be higher in tannin.

3. Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is famous for world’s most recognized red wine grape varieties. This is grown in every country that produces wine as it can be grown in different climatic conditions. Cabernet Sauvignon is used to blend with Merlot and Cabernet Franc and the name is mainly derived as Cabernet Sauvignon’s celebrity.

The Popularity of use this wine in world got the name as King of Wines.

4. Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot is a variety of red wine grape, but not popular grapes in Bordeaux  The maintenance of Petit Verdot is much more difficult because of it’s generation. Petit Verdot still utilized for blending with Bordeaux that is useful for adding certain flavors.


Malbec is the last variety grape from 5 of the grape varieties used in the Bordeaux Wines. Malbec is usually useful for  small quantities of spice and color. Malbec is in purple grape variety for making red wine. The grapes are known as one among six grapes that are used to blend in Bordeaux wine as these grapes were in inky dark color.

The fifth growth of Bordeaux is Carmenere that is rarely used with Chateau Clerc Milon.

Bordeaux wine price : Bordeaux Wines are usually range from $15 to $1000 and even more high prices according to the manufacturing quality. Consuming Liquor is risky to individual health.

Bordeaux wine reviews

Bordeaux wines always have positive review depending on the price. I request to the readers find the opinions of that wine as there are numerous Bordeaux wines, vendors in the market.

Bordeaux wine map

Bordeaux Map
Bordeaux Map

Bordeaux wine tours

Bordeaux wine tours are operated by travel and leisure guides as they had experience for arranging parties using Bordeaux wines. If you like touring for Bordeaux wine, then please check our tourism operator guide.

Bordeaux Wine Party
Bordeaux Wine Party – Source

Bordeaux wine glass

There are more types of Bordeaux wine glasses and some of them are red Wine Glasses, Sauvignon Blanc Wine Glass,  Eva Trio Glass, Designer Champagne Wine Glass, Syrah Wine glass, Dessert Wine Glass.

Bordeaux Wine Glass
Bordeaux Wine Glass – Source

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