Biarritz is one of the best vacationer place in France along with other parts as it is deemed for celebrations, browsing, seaside and resorts. Around Biarritz we find surf training at many seashores and most training were just an hour, Basque Country surfing classes, private surf lessons, day surf trips by tourists operators. We all enjoy playing in water, but the life is important so browse training is necessary for everyone.

There are more things that we can do by using Guided tour operators, Some tourists guides offer even in the night for a 2 hours trip, 4 hours trip, Cooking classes, scooter rides, guided tour in villages in the Basque country. It’s good to travel in around Biarritz town with small groups.

The following Biarritz beaches are detailed and each having different factors have fun within the boundaries.

  1. La Grande Plage :
la grande Ppage La Grande Plage
la grande Ppage La Grande Plage
  1. The beach is located in the Biarritz  and crowded all the time, vehicle parking is more difficult by the seaside because of large community every day.
  2.  It is a very large beach with Life guards where they show using Flags to safe diving areas. The beach is excellent in all seasons covering with all items that you would anticipate from a beach or a resort town. There are most swimmers, surfers and sun bathers all the time at the beach that we find every season. You can seek the services of Parasols, shelters and learn surfing from surf schools as the beach is perfect for learning surf lessons. Viewing seaside is really wonderful and the perspective of the sea is spectacular.

2. Plage La Milady :

This seaside is too large providing similar features like La Grande Plage with free car Vehicle parking, The beach is exotic in light color with fresh without stone contaminants or any other items. The seaside is located in a non-urban atmosphere with water that is fresh for beachfront fans.

Plage La Milady
Plage La Milady- Source

The beach includes some of the exciting information such as playing space for children, restaurant, walking at the beach, eatables for everyone.

3. Plage du Miramar
The Plage Du Miramar beach is in the same line of Grande Plage as they were just separated by names, but not the beaches. It is not much popular like other beaches since surfing not granted here except body-boarding.

Plage du Miramar
Plage du Miramar – Source

Here at the beach swimming is not allowed due to the risk of falling rocks. Most of the people say the beach is charming with soft sand and sun bathing.

4. Plage Marbella

Plage Marbella beach is the continuation of  Cote Des Basques Beach that is specially designed for kids. Most of children’s love Horse riding accompanied by adults and it is allowed nearer to the beach where they need to pay fee for a ride. We can also enjoy by surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing from boats and swimming,

Anyone can appreciate from the environment that changes in air last but not least vehicle parking is prohibited at the seaside at any time all the year.

5. Plage Côte des Basques

The Cote Des Basques seaside is very long situated just to the southern of port vieux while it is small.

The view of the seaside is very wonderful with stones, coves the way structures are designed at the seaside. When the tide is high its called rocky beach but when the tide is low its an sandy beach with nice waves to surf. From all of the Biarritz beaches this is the best surfing beach for surfers as it covers everything that needed for surf in the water except diving prohibited at great levels due to the power the water.

The exotic seaside is great on regular times and their is a lifeguard protected from beginning july to delayed Sept so if you want to want to browse at the Biarritz seashores, then Biarritz islands is the one that you required.

The place at the seaside is enclosed in most features such as resorts, Biarritz luxury beach hotels, car vehicle parking, Bar and dining places.

6. Plage Port Vieux

Port Vieux Beach is one of my best pool for swimming in Biarritz beaches.  The beach is excellent for children and young people for swimming and also it is a home for Les Ours Blancs swimming Club.  People loves to join in annual camps, Christmas festival to draw more crowds.

The beach is very calm in most times and everyone loves to swim, surfing, body boarding on the Grand Plage.

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