At Nice all of the beaches are in a sequential row along the Baie Des Anges (bay of Angels) river. Nice is the second most significant French city of Mediterranean coast and also second premier city of Provence Alpes Cote d Azur. The natural beauty area of Nice and its Mediterranean climate made all the beaches into fantastic destination.

The Nice city nickname is Nice La Belle stands for the third busiest airport in France since it is enticed towards most tourists. The climate is clean air, soft light with excellent for breathing since most of the people visit to have healthy life, relaxation at these beaches. The city is covered with more space, hotels in the country.

Nice Beaches Map
Nice Beaches Map

Nice beaches are composed with large pebbles or rocks called galets as these pebbles are brought from the mountain of coast, centuries ago by these rivers.

These Private beaches are expensive, but we get more benefits by paying money since they offer sun loungers, parasol and tables. The cost of these beaches varies from 15 Euros to 20 Euros per day, including with a sun Lounger and extra price will be added if you want Parasol or Towels. Some beaches have alternate way to pay the bills at the end of the day renting from them including coffees, drinks, lunch, etc.

All these seashores are different and they play with different role. Castel seaside is Gay friendly, red seaside is clean smart and facilities are too good. Sporting seaside and red seaside has little pool for Youngsters. All these personal seashores have a list showing about each item, special discounts in hotels when you walk through the party. Most of the personal seashores have water for youngsters in swimming private pools.

In public beaches we couldn’t get everything including cleanliness. The beach pebbles are even uncomfortable without padded mats, so you need to rent padded mats unlike in Private beaches we see comfortableness. You also need shoes since these pebbles make more painful to you without shoes. At public beaches we get everything for less price since the demand is high as more people check out here.

Public beaches are excellent for those who want to spend a day for low-cost since you can buy food outside and eat at the beach or brought food from home. You can even buy food from nearby beach since most of the sellers sell doughnuts, beer, coffee, etc.

At public beaches  you can buy alcohol or a coffee from private beach to have fun as these public beaches allow everything.

In France we see Private and Public Beaches, both are different from each other since private beaches have some higher fees and public beaches are for everyone. The following list of the beaches found in Nice.

 Public Beaches  Private Beaches
Castel Castel
Florida Florida
Opera Opera
Beau Rivage Beau Rivage
Ruhl Ruhl
Lido Lido
Voilier Voilier
Blue Blue
Neptune Neptune
Poincare Bambou
Magnan Miami
Lenval Regency
Fabron Galion
Sainte-Helene Hi
Aubrey LeComte Le Sporting
La Lanterne
Bains de la Police
Bains Militaires
La Reserve
Coco Beach

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